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2017 League Rules
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1. Field dimensions will be 60 yards by 40 yards.
2. Only players/coaches are allowed in the middle of Field 1 and Field 2, everyone else should be sent to the outside perimeter
3. Only 2 coaches per team allowed on the field at any time in younger division, only 1 in the older divisions
4. Starting the first scheduled week in October and following for the remainder of the season, no coaches will be allowed on field in older divisions, 2 coaches will only be allowed in the 5-7 division
5. Coin toss for possession to start the game.
6. 50 minutes per game. Running Time. Two 25-minute periods.
7. 5 minute half time. Teams will switch sides at half.
8. Each team has 2 45 second time outs per half.
9. 45 Second huddle for 5-7. 5-yard penalty will apply. 2 penalties in a row will turn the ball over
10. 30 Second huddle for 8-14. 5-yard penalty will apply. 2 penalties in a row will turn the ball over
11. In case of ties, overtime will commence, one round each team (Kansas City Tie Breaker). Each team receives 4 downs and gets the ball at the opponent’s 10 yard line, no runs no blitzes. Highest score wins.
12. End zone will be marked off with cones.
13. 6 points for a TD
14. 1 point for extra point. Ball will be placed at opponent’s 5-yard line. ALL EXTRA POINTS MUST BE A PASS.
15. 2-point conversion from the 10-yard line. ALL EXTRA POINTS MUST BE A PASS.
16. Safeties = 2pts and team receiving the ball on offense at their own 5 yard line
17. After a touchdown, play begins at the offenses 5-yard line.
18. Flag Guarding will be penalized 10 yards from the spot and down counts
19. 1 hand off per 4 down possession older and 2 for 5-7. No Running by QB, QB can pass, shovel, lateral or toss the ball. A lateralled player may throw the ball again to his/her teammate to advance as long as they are behind the line of scrimmage and within 5 second count.
20. A player can lateral or pitch backward to any teammate.
21. Offense has 5 seconds to pass or run the ball beyond the line of scrimmage or play is whistled dead.
22. On a catch or run the ball will be marked where player’s feet land at time of flag pull or out of bounds not where the ball is.
23. 1 foot in bounds constitutes a catch.
24. All players will be eligible to receive a pass.
25. Once the ball hits the ground the play is dead.
26. There are no fumbles. Spot is where the ball hits the ground.
27. Runners are not allowed to jump (safety issue), if a player jumps the play is whistled dead at the the start of the jump.
28. Interceptions are allowed ball marked at the spot of interception and possession changed. No returns (safety issue).
29. There are NO BLITZES in the 5-7 year old division.
30. You can blitz one player from 7 yards back once every new set of downs in all age groups.
31. Offense has 4 chances to reach designated first down marker. If offense fails, defense takes over on their own 5 yard line.
32. Defense must line up 5 yards off the ball unless you are on the goal line or less than five yards to the first down. At that time you are allowed to line the defense up ½ the distance.
33. If a referee witnesses any acts of tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, blocking or any unsportsmanlike act, the game will be stopped and a warning or ejection will be given based on the discrepancy of the referees and the league Director.
34. Offensive language is unacceptable. Both for players, coaches and sidelines. One warning and if it continues the player(s), coach(s) will be ejected. Foul play will not be tolerated.
35. Cleats are encouraged (No metal spikes).
36. Coaches are expected to refrain from using any one player continuously. All players should receive equal playing time. Failure to comply may result in warnings and/or league expulsion.
37. A player should not be used repeatedly in an effort to gain an advantage i.e. quarterback or running back plays designed. A 15-yard penalty will apply and then a turnover to the other team with no warning.
38. Play begins after referee blows whistle.
39. All players must wear a mouthpiece (No Exceptions)
40. The league will supply flags, shirts and balls.
41. If a team is up by 18 or more points by half time they cannot blitz or run the ball. If a team is coming back from a deficit then it is up to the referee’s judgment as to when a team can blitz or run.
42. The referee may allow a team to obtain possession after a score depending on amount of deficit.
43. Any coach/player or spectator arguing/debating out loud to a ref or other coach may be penalized and may be asked to leave the field and/or be suspended from the league.
44. It is important that we do not bring attention to ourselves in front of the league. This league should be about fun and learning first and competition last. As coaches we must be the role models even if we disagree with something. Please be cordial and talk to a ref on the side or during half time or after the game.